Our Story

In the early eighties, having served in the Falklands, a young man left the Royal Marines with the princely sum of £150 in his pocket. This he spent on nuts and fruits at his local Wholefood supplier and took a market stall. The next day he was back at the suppliers buying £200 of nuts and fruit…

Finally, having progressed from Market Trader to Manufacturer/Distributor, via Shopkeeper, Michael Pile was able to move on to pastures new (probably literally, as his one passion is hiking up and down stuff – legacy from his marine-days, I expect) Michael sold the business to one of his team members late in 2008, Owen Day, who took over as Managing Director from Michael late in 2009. The company supplies Health Food Shops, Wholefood Shops, Delicatessens, Greengrocers, Farm Shops, Manufacturers, Bakers, Wholesalers, Caterers, Loose Food retailers (Scoop Shops), Sweet Shops and Cruise Liners. We have customers in five different EU countries. Oh, and the supplier from whom Michael bought his first stock is still in business, and we now supply them. 

In 2000, we were outgrowing our third set of premises (5,000 sq ft), and, rather than go through the upheaval and expense of moving again, we took on the unit next-door-but-one (not next door, that would’ve been too easy), taking us up to 8,000 sq ft. To cut a long story short, we eventually filled in the gap and we now occupy nearly 13,000 sq ft of warehouses on this site.